• MEMO's Serie 2K13/2K14

    The Memo serie was an answer to an urgent need to record.
    At that time I was only having an AKAI XR 20 lent by my close friend Lowrack. He needed it back to complete his live setup.
    So before returning it to him I decide to record a kind of memory of what I use to do with the XR 20.


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    Raw recordings of different XR 20 personal parts + extra recording of my voice with the bad labtop's microphone.

    Arrangment and sound design made on a cheap hacked software.


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    Raw recordings of XR 20 with lots of down pitched parts + extra sample of indian monastery.

    Arrangment and sound design made on a cheap hacked software.


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    Raw recordings of XR 20 parts + KORG Monotron recordings. Monotron is my first "real" electronic instrument.

    Arrangment and sound design made on a cheap hacked software.

  • SAMP's Serie 2K14/2K15

    As I had no electronic instruments during this period but still the need to have great times producing music I started to create the Samp's serie with samples coming only from my personal library.
    At that time my setup was only composed by a labtop and the same cheap hacked software of my beginnings.
    These samples are taken mainly from music, film, cartoon, free sample library, interview, personal recordings, speach... The work was about edit/destroy samples to create new sounds.


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    Inaudible samples.

    Turn it loud to hear something.

    Works on low frequencies.

    Previsible built/arrangment.


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    Abusive saturated samples.

    Works on the annihilation of the samples.


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    Abusive downpitched samples.

    Works on the contrats between a desynchronized sample that lasted all the song and all the remaining elements.

  • EDIT's Serie 2K16/2K17

    Here is some example of the need to EDIT. 

    Föllakzoid - Electric ( Al - Jinn EDIT ++)

    logo = listen

    Need to make this edit. Using every things I have in my hands to rework it.


    3D AUDIO research 2015

    Click on my past office's picture to have basic datas of UPV.

    Research on high audio quality resistors.

    THD + S/N test & studies.

    Signals generation and analyses made with the great UPV from ROHDE & SCHWARZ.

    Sound Design " Le printemps des Poètes " 2017


    Extract of Sound design in an old water pump at "Robion", South of France.

    Feel free to contact me if you want the full sound.

    " Ciné - Concert " 4 HYAS 2017


    Short extract of one hour live for HYAS's "Ciné-Concert" at "Café de l'Orangerie, Jardin des plantes de Nantes".


    Collaboration section

    Blind & deaf project 2016

    720 P

    Blind vfx :
    My roommate IOR used his favorite 3D software to create animation fx linked to the sound structure. That's his first try with this exercice.
    He only had 6 of the 8 audio lines.
    Few hours of research + Few hours of works + few days of computer calculs.


    Deaf composition :
    Quick easy song with no listening, working only on the visual structure of the sound and modulation.
    Song has been edited only one time for volume levels.
    Sample coming from the worst online sample library. 8 samples has been choosen trusting the filename or simply by random download.

    Moskalus VHS on SAMP2V64 2017

    Contact Moskalus. He's nice and generous. And he makes great things.


    Check Moskalus work's here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5rXILumTV11fEeq7nxWgOA


  • MESS

    Extra contents


    Raw record with laptop's microphone.

    BATTLE 2015

    Funny battle between a saturated personnal video of a party in Nantes and an abusive recording of my KORG Monotron.


    Interesting visuals between 1'38 and 1'45.


    Very beginning with the AKAI XR 20. Quick loops and beats. Old deepnesses of my laptop.


    Few early songs made with shitty "remix pack"


    Easy and quick samples, loops, beats, mashups.



    Only audios

    Extra contents / gigs / video reports / photos / previews

    Extra audios and videos contents